The Cardone Group located in Orlando, Florida is proud to present “Information Based Selling”: a sales and marketing strategy designed to maximize traffic opportunities, market share, and increase dealership profits. The mission: To provide automobile dealers with a market strategy that results in 100% write ups, and at least a 20% increase in deliveries.

It is our belief that the time has come for the automotive sales experience to change. Information Based Selling is designed to provide a revolutionary marketing strategy supported by an in-house training curriculum to establish consistency and credibility from the marketing campaign through the entire sales process. Both our customers and our sales people are telling us that the antiquated selling techniques that have been used for decades are no longer acceptable in today’s market.

Today’s customers require a “people friendly process” that provides them with the information that they require in a time sensitive environment. The result is more written proposals being presented, more vehicles being delivered, and more profit being generated. Manufacturers, dealers, managers, and sales professionals have embraced The Cardone Group’s tools and processes with phenomenal success.

With Great Success – Scott Morgan, President

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