ePencil plus eCRM and Two Years of Private In-House Training
Customized for your Dealership


With over 10 million deals desked, ePencil gives you a technology solution that provides full disclosure negotiations and 18 payment options that reduce the buyer’s need to shop. Add eCRM and you’ll be able to stay in constant contact with every customer… every time. eCRM produces multi-channel marketing communications that give you control and accountability of the entire sales, prospecting, trade-cycle and owner follow up process! ePencil, CRM and our In-House training of Information Based Selling give you one turnkey, fully integrated solution that provides your staff everything they need in today’s ever-changing selling environment!

ePencil Desking Solution for FREE Plus eCRM/Digital Marketing Technology:
> Up to six licenses of ePencil
> Electronic Finance Menu
> Express Buying Software
> Free Software Upgrades
> 24/7 Technical Support
“Auto Pilot” consistently and constantlycommunicates with sold & unsold customerautomatically. Enterprise level reporting fordealer groups Tracks all email, telephone andfollow-up activity to ensure accountability.
Format: 22 Days (4 Day Kick Off & 2 Days Every 60 Days Year One) Plus
(Two Days Every 90 Days Year Two)
The Cardone Group
The Cardone Group

Four day launch (plus a minimum of four attendees to the Cardone Management Institute for your management team). In year one, you receive two identical one-day workshops (on consecutive weekdays) every 60 days. This format allows one-half of your sales and management staff to attend each day. These workshops will be held in a highly interactive classroom setting. At the conclusion of each day’s workshop, we’ll roll up our sleeves and go to work with your staff! You tell us where you want us to focus and we’ll dig in—deal structuring, TO’s, follow up, calling unsold showroom traffic. We’ll walk the walk with your staff on every deal, or every phone call.

In year two, we’ll provide our workshops (in the format above) every 90 days.

ePencil Benefits:
The Cardone Group
The Cardone Group > Fast, simple, friendly, fair and profitable!
> Produces an average increase in “front end” profit of $632.00 per deal.
> Produces an average increase in F&I income of 36%.
> Cuts the time spent structuring and closing deals in half. 50% of ePencil deals are closed in 12
minutes or less! And 1-out-of-5 ePencil deals are closed on “first pencil”!

> Creates instant credibility and provides your staff with all the information they need to close the deal now.
> Fully tracks, records and time stamps every customer interaction for management review.
> True accountability through monthly performance reviews with a Cardone Group Statistics Manager —you get a real time assessment of each individual Sales Manager’s desking performance.
Through ACTIVE role-playing, your staff will learn:
The Cardone Group
The Cardone Group > ePencil the Perfect Negotiator
> Point of Contact
> Full Disclosure Negotiations
> The Close/Delivery Experience
The Cardone Group
The Cardone Group > Information-based Selling
> 100% Write Up
> Internet Lead Management/Phone Power
The Cardone Group
The Cardone Group As a follow up to each of these workshops, each attendee will be provided with an audio CD, work book and access to our online certification process that will ensure full implementation of the training through continuous education and measurement of performance.
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The Cardone Group The Cardone Group The Cardone Group The Cardone Group

5150.00* Per Month


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*Participating dealers will be responsible for all expenses: Airfare, hotel, shipping, ground transportation and meals. Airfare booked 21 days in advance (coach). Hotel and meeting accommodations provided and paid for by dealer. Ground transportation provided by or reimbursed by dealer. Meals not to exceed $35.00 per day reimbursed by dealer. Workbooks / Audio Workbooks are mandatory at $29.00 per attendee. All expenses must be paid by dealer prior to completion of training.


The Cardone Group